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Glass appears in the Belltower, where the Jokers less Felicity are still assembled.

"There are," she announces, "kinds of you."

mixed bag

Jul. 29th, 2013 09:53 pm
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After the guests have left, Glass goes back inside to find the nearest spouse. She didn't like to talk about it when Aether was around, however little Aether seemed inclined to actually defend the place, but she really didn't like that world - she's still a little ashy-faced; she hadn't even known her various wished enhancements would let her react to something in that way via any sensory modality and it wasn't a nice surprise.

Is that a Sherlock over there?
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In some ways, Bella does a lot, very quickly; and in other ways she does almost nothing at all.

She does not have to be secretive - she has no enemies, her world is accustomed to the introduction of strange wonders and will not fall apart with any revelation. She revives a large number of dead people - although none of Marianne's direct ancestors - and sends them home to surprised but happy families. She renders a larger number of people torchable. She sends letters to the monarchs of neighboring realms indicating that she is available to help with any unusual difficulties in which they may find themselves, and that she would appreciate introductions to their farther-flung neighbors. That is the "a lot".

But her world is made of cotton candy, and she has no intention of dumping a bucket of water on it in the hopes of rinsing off small amounts of dust. She is not usurping her mother-in-law, she is not conquering miscellaneous other kingdoms, she is not ridding the world of all its annoying but ultimately not mean pitfalls and hazards. (She does make it a condition of rendering dragons torchable that they must not eat anyone except trespassing Orthodox wizards.) She is mostly staying at home with her wives and her daughters, reading Rose's books, chattering endlessly with Kanim about all the exciting experiments they'll conduct with the new forms of magic available.

When Jane goes down, Bella has to make sheepish announcements that her resurrection powers turned out to be impermanent; she hopes they will return but can offer no timetable.

Meanwhile, news of one specific resurrection (Howard's) has spread far and wide.
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Glass has completed her checklist. She's a mint, with starter coins - an extra-large batch since her Sherlock was unsure about high-output minting - mostly in a sorting wish like the one Aurora has, but with some tucked into her sleeves and her hat, and she knows all about them. She's an enchantress complete with aura, safety information, and (bonus) a copy of Rose's library in a new alternate-opening of her bedroom door. She has a Janegem around her neck and a portable, minimal, no-internet-to-eat Janepoint which she will put somewhere in the castle; Jane has explained herself and she's already tried the getting-someone-out-of-Downside procedure. Speaking of Downside, she can torch, she visited the admin long enough to be awarded the power to make others torchable, and she's already covered her wives and children. She has read the Bellbook, added her information, named herself and her world, and had her pealing party.

The party is now over; Marianne and Howard never returned to it. But they can be caught up on any details they'd like to know. At some point. When they reemerge.

Bella sets the Janepoint in the front entrance hall, on a pedestal in a corner.
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Jane alerts everyone to the existence of a new Bell, the nature of her wives and children, and the presence of her mother-in-law.

She stands ready to move in anyone who wishes to attend this new party.

Glass stands ready to receive them.
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The traditional location for Enchanted Forest royal weddings is Fire-Flower Meadow. This is mostly because it is very large. Bella's only inviting her parents, a handful of friends including Kexan, and her cat; considerably more people are attending just because it's a royal wedding and they expect to be invited. Kazul is there, and a handful of other dragons besides her and Kexan too; they take up a lot of room in the back corner of the field.

Bella and Sherlock are not supposed to see each other in their wedding outfits until the right moment, so Bella is in her dressing room with her one non-Tony bridesmaid (Sanda, she from whom Cricket was obtained), letting the witch pin her hair up. Kanim is also serving as a Bella-bridesperson but he absented himself from the dressing room when it came time to get into the dress. The dress itself is fairly ordinary - cloud-white and sleeveless with one shoulder strap, an asymmetrical gather at the waist, hemmed at the knee for summer coolness. But it's embroidered with a thousand little glass beads tracing whorls along the fabric and following the folds that lead away from the gather. Into each of these beads Bella has imparted a little kiss of magic. They gleam with ripples of intense diamondlike fire when she moves. She admires herself in the mirror while Sanda fusses with braids and the curling iron. (Bella's hair isn't that long, and she wears it down all the time; for a special occasion some fuss is called for.)

Bella's hair is finished. She steps into her shoes (they're white and beaded to match, enchanted like her everyday moccasins so she won't trip down the aisle).

Cricket sidles into the room to tell her when it's time.

The ceremony itself is fairly simple.

Also, it involves kissing Sherlock! That's always good.
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Kanim crashes at the castle for a few days, then he buys Bella's old house off her, makes it walk to a more comfortable distance from the castle, and just visits a lot. He is very helpful. Tony makes spectacle frames, Bella makes lenses, Kanim makes out with Tony. When the spectacles and the window are completely replaced, it is spring, and Bella plants herself a garden of important herbs on the castle grounds, and takes apart wizard staffs with Kanim.

Kanim really likes Tony; he looks at her rather like she fell out of the sky into his lap and he's trying to figure out how she could possibly have happened. He really really likes her. He does not want to marry her. This is made extremely clear when Queen Marianne asks how he would feel about being Tony's backup husband possibility in case Bella cannot solve the technical issue, to which question his response is to bolt from the room at top speed shouting "I AM GOING TO GO HELP BELLA WITH THAT SPELL NOW."

(This is, he feels the need to explain to Tony later, no slight against her undoubtedly stellar qualities as a potential spouse. Which he wants Bella to enjoy. Which he will not be partaking of himself even though it is, evidently, not a law of nature that only one person can marry a given other person. Because he does not want to be any sort of royalty and be asked for things even if his only duty would be to impregnate another sort of royalty. He is not even sure he wants non-royal children.)

Bella works on the spell, and Kanim helps. It's mid-Pink when Bella finds her beloved Sherlock and says:

"I think this version will work, even if it would be premature to test it before Umber. Which throws into rather stark relief the fact that if I cast it, eventually we will have a baby princess on our hands, and we have not actually discussed parenting."
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There are plenty of things to do. Bella orders a carpet to enchant so she can commute to and from Reformist Wizards efficiently and move house. She starts combing through the castle library to find background material on her Minor Technical Issue.

Sometimes she watches Sherlock cook.

Sometimes she watches Tony forge. (Nnnnf.)
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Bella completes her moccasins. They're easy, but tedious; she's putting tiny parts of the spell on each of the hundreds of glass beads that gets sewn on. Last time it took her a couple of days, but by the end of the process she could do the magic and the sewing at the same time; this time it's an easy rhythm and by an hour after lunch she's got them beaded and pieced and a binding enchantment laid on each of them and the pair together to hold all the beads in a coherent whole. She says her cleaning spell - the castle isn't dirty, but any amount of walking around barefoot leaves dirt on one's feet - and slips them on and gets up and walks around experimentally. Success!

She spends the rest of the time before the delegation is prepared to go sitting outside at the Skyvault, looking at it with various lens combinations and taking fascinated notes, and spending time with her fiancée-and-a-half.

She's ready to leave when the rest of the wizard-visiting party is.
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Bella inventories the staff. She uses power from her marble, not because she's drained or needs a lot but because she's hoping to coax the staff into being helpful.

She finds two minimally useful divinations in the hour she's allotted to this project, and she takes an extra hour to wheedle them into knitting together, infusing a spare lens, and accepting power from the marble and only when looked through instead of from the staff and continuously. She puts the new lens - now a dark amber color - on the arm of her spectacles, and tests it out. Yes, she can see the staff calling for magic and her protections and the forest denying it with enough gentleness that it doesn't simply die. She feeds the staff a little personal witchery - she doesn't want it to die before she can really get to work on taking it apart - and then wraps it up and puts it away.

She goes looking for Tony.
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The remaining two days of the walk are much more affectionate, and also much more free of wizards and snakes than the first two days were. Somehow, all three travelers manage to not realize that Bella has not yet produced her name, even though on at least one occasion it would have been convenient for Tony to have.

And there is the castle, and there is the -

"Skyvault," sighs Bella, diving into her hat for her specs.
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Here is a house.

It is pretty and trim and green-and-cream and really ought not to be able to hold itself up like that, and yet here it is, somehow defying the laws of architecture. It is surrounded by a neatly bordered garden of ornamental and useful plants of all sorts: here vegetables, there herbs, there spell components, there rows of flowers.

There is a sign out front. It says only: Magic. Not, Beware, Magic or Magic Emporium or anything like that. Just: Magic.

Sitting on top of this sign is a cream cat with smoke-dark points of color on each paw, his ears, and his face and tail.

All in all, you could be forgiven for thinking that a witch lives here.


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