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intelligent nametags

Jane alerts everyone to the existence of a new Bell, the nature of her wives and children, and the presence of her mother-in-law.

She stands ready to move in anyone who wishes to attend this new party.

Glass stands ready to receive them.
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Stella's over here, talking to Elspeth.
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Steel commences lurking.
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"- in 2019. Now Steel is eavesdropping on us and waiting to see how long it takes us to notice," says Elspeth. "That didn't take very long. Did it, Harley?"
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"How much of what you say to him does he understand?"
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"Up to the limit of his conceptual vocabulary. Which gets bigger the more I talk to and around him. I'm very understandable."
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Harley giggles.
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"You are," Steel agrees. "What were you saying before?"
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"I was just telling Stella about how Aurum's Renée adapted to being a vampire," says Elspeth.
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"I am interested."
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"The short version is, she was married to a fellow named Phil, and Alice didn't see her mating to him, so she resisted the idea for a long time, but then a vampire called Patricia mated to Phil. He didn't cheat on Renée, but he did like Patricia and it put a strain on the marriage, and in 2019 they amicably divorced and Renée decided to go ahead and turn. She's not mated; she just gallivants around the world with a couple of friends."
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"That sounds like a pleasant outcome."
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"She's happy, yeah."
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"I'm curious about what makes someone mateable - or imprintable - by Aurum standards," explains Stella. "It doesn't seem to be completely random or particularly well-optimized."
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"Perhaps we should ask my wife."
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"Because she can see templates or because she can see magic?"
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"I haven't been able to produce utterances about it. Maybe it will be more amenable to what Glass does," says Elspeth. Glass!
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"We were curious if you can tell us how vampire mates are chosen. And werewolf imprints, for that matter."
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